Alexa Backlinks Checker

What Value do your Inbound Links add to your Website?

If you want to know how valuable your backlinks are to your website, you can use this tool to find out. All you need to do is enter the domain and click the button below to check the number of backlinks your website has. It is also helpful in determining the value of each link. This tool is very helpful and easy to use.

How does this Tool work?

The backlinks tool has been designed in such a way that as soon as this tool is used, it will run a string of tests that will help in determining the number of backlinks that has been associated to your website or the link that you have entered in the box. It is also used to collect other important information such as anchor text that is used, Page ranking of the backlinks source and also highlights any potential warnings or flags that are connected with these links.

The results that you get are simplified below:

The most important thing to note is that these backlinks specific to your domain or webpage are crucial for SEO. This means that high number of backlinks give you higher ranking on the Google page. However, this may not always be the case. Reputed search engines such as Google lay more emphasis on the quality over quantity. Sometimes, the website owners or internet SEO marketers may try to trick the system by buying bulk quantity of backlinks for a very low price. However, even though when such websites are traced by Google, they can penalize them for malpractice, there are still some that continue to use this trick. The idea is to use natural links as the low quality ones are more damaging than beneficial. In this case, it is better to have low number of good quality natural links than high quantity of poor backlinks. The Google quality guidelines to build backlinks are mentioned here: click me.

The free backlinks checker tool has been specifically designed to provide clear information regarding importance of quality of links and how to create them. When the results are displayed on this page, you can see at the bottom left corner to see the number of links that exist for your domain. Each page will display only 10 results and you can further navigate through each page and check the results in the bottom right corner. Every result that is displayed through this tool will also provide the source of the link or the exact page that contains the link to your webpage. When you click each link, the page will open in a fresh tab on your browser. You can also check the Google ranking of the page that contains the backlink your website. The column on the right displays the anchor text that is used to describe your website or webpage. The last column will display any red flags or warnings associated with your backlink, especially if they are tagged as “no follow”.

How frequently should you run the check?

If you have just recently started the activity of backlink building then you may be tempted to use the backlink builder a number of times. However, the audit is not as simple as it appears. It is complicated tool that runs in-depth checks and a complete audit must be done at least one a year. The information gathered will be useful to determine the backlink areas that are most effective in generating traffic to your website.