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Compare Text online

If you are a website with interesting content then you need to protect its privacy from plagiarism and copyright infringement. This tool comes in handy when you need to compare several websites and their text with respect to one another. The duplicate content and its percentage are displayed on the top of your results. It will also highlight the duplicated content so that you can effortlessly identify the copied text and correct it simultaneously.

When you are using this tool to compare websites, it imperative that you enter the direct URL for all the pages that you intend to compare and not just limit it to the home page. This tool is very helpful in identifying if your content has been stolen by someone else. You can also use it prevent any unintended plagiarism from someone else. This tool is used by the teachers and students to determine the authenticity of the assignments and prevent any sort of plagiarism. This tool can be used for any purpose as it is extremely user friendly and free to use.