According to the Adobe 2016, Digital Trends report nearly 53% of the company interviewed admitted that data-driven marketing was their choice to achieving success. Whether you are a firm, an individual or a newly established business digital marketing happens to be your key to success. Thankfully the advent of the internet has made things easy and there are multiple digital marketing tools which can give you the competitive edge. Here are 5 must have digital marketing tools which would revolutionize your marketing efforts and open new vistas of growth for you.

1. SEMrush

The tool SEM Rush is advised when you wish to use the right keywords and thus enhance the visibility of your website. One of the biggest benefits of using this tool is the fact that SEM Rush can easily work on any type of website and generate results. The platform that is used identifies keywords, audits on page SEO, locate multiple trends in your niche and check the rankings and the links.

When you reach the website and enter your domain inside it a general overview report shows whether your traffic and ranking are improved or not. If your ranking has shown a positive growth then nothing like it. Else you would have to figure out a way to work around your SEO strategy.

2. SEOOutreachers

An online start-up SEOOutreachers aims at helping agencies and SEO professionals achieve a drastic change in their online presence. Even though new in the field they provide quality link creation and eliminates the flaws of link building that you might be experiencing. The firm has a database of reliable 30,000 publishers who work as the push needed to work on your organic search.

It is very easy to submit your requirement with SEOOutreachers. You just need to search by industry type and keywords and choose the publishers who according to you are the most suitable for you. Next, you have to enter your order information and also write down any special instructions you may be having. You will be informed once your content is live and after that your work is done and the results would prove fruitful.

3. Moz

Moz Pro gives you all the SEO tools that would give a boost to your website ranking. You can understand the search criteria; find the keywords that rank and place them accordingly in your website. Technical SEO should not be a big burden for anyone. Their crawler moves through the website to figure out your technical issues and even suggest ways to fix them.

You can even get the on-page SEO audit done and even get recommendations to work on your rankings. With link research, you can attract high-quality links on your website. Moz Pro also provides the data to track the ROI of the efforts you made and whether they are proving fruitful or not.

4. Buzz Sumo

If you need to know what content works best for your niche then you should adopt Buzz Sumo. It is basically a social media analytics tools and a curation tool for content marketers. You can search the web basis the keywords you have and the results would show the most performing content. On the basis of the content ideas generated you can plan your strategy over how to push your content ahead.

You can even keep an eye on the competitor’s content and know what has proved to be successful for them. Apart from that get an idea of the influencers available in the field. Get in touch with them and use their followers to get more converting customers for your brand.

5. CRM & Agency Management

As and when your agency continues to grow you need software to manage the clients. This software keeps a list of all your clients and manages them. You can keep a record of all the communication that has been sent to them. If bills are generated you can use the software to find if it is paid on time and reminders sent promptly to ensure that.

Most importantly all the people working in your agency can access this information and if they have specific clients use it to maintain a positive relation. You can even create mailing lists and send common communication to all your clients easily.


Digital marketing has really expanded its footprints and more and more people are now taking advantage of the various tools being offered. In fact, this has really opened further avenues of growth for people keeping them in touch with the latest trends. As time passes these tools would gain popularity and even small businesses would take advantage of their features. That would then be the start of a golden phase for both the service providers as there would not be any looking back after that.

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