In the world of marketing brand awareness is a term that is often thrown around. An important facet, Brand visibility and awareness is also the most confusing item when it comes to talking about your product. Last few decades have seen the rising of the digital world and this has now manifested in multiple forms in marketing too. Earlier restricted to the occasional Print and news campaigns PR has thus become important to increase brand visibility. Let us have a look at 5 proven Digital PR tips that would do so.

1. An impressive website is mandatory

Initial impression for anyone comes from your website and the sooner you pay focus to it the better. Digital PR is impactful only when your website becomes a reflection of your brand. This means that if you have used a particular combination and theme to mark your brand the same should be reinforced all over your website.

Apart from that if you also want some of your physical store customers to check you out use images, videos and other formats to grab the attention. Plus give them enough reasons to check your website out and maybe even move on to visit the store. To do so suggest them benefits like a discount, offers, product demonstrations, etc.

2. Blogging

Blogging and content management have been known to be successful in multiple ways. First of all, create your own blog section and then add content that you feel would add value to the setup. Since you have been in the industry for long you would know how best to do that so use your knowledge to the best of abilities.

Involve the readers in your day to day working patterns so that they engage with your brand at all levels. In addition, you can also share reference links, high authority sites and even topics already discussed on your website.

3. Product-related campaigns

Giveaways and reviews are excellent PR strategies that you can put to good use too. By offering one or two free products you actually ensure an increase in sales and that compensates for the expense you incurred. For digital PR you can host such giveaways on your website or through another publication. First, pick up a well-established product and through social media and other avenues attract the attention of your customers.

Gather some prominent bloggers and ask them to share the reviews of your product after they have used it. When a reputed source gives your product a thumbs up, be sure that the product is on its way up. You could associate with Vloggers who can share the usage and features of your product on their YouTube channel to help you gain traction.

4. Utilize social media

In no situations make the mistake of ignoring your social media as that is your shortcut to instant recognition. Facebook and Twitter are both suitable however you should know which one to use in which situation. If you have a big product launch happening live stream it on your Facebook page, In case there is a new sale planned to share the products and their latest prices on your Twitter handle. If you have a visual side to flaunt do so on Instagram and Pinterest. Arts, photography, crafts, and decorations are some items that work well on these two.

5. Find your most influential fans

Lastly, you must use your most influential fans to the best of their abilities. First figure out those fans that have been die-hard loyalists and would not leave you whatever happens. You can find them on any of your social media channels and their involvement with your brand shows how crazy they are about your brand.

Ask your web and content team to create engaging and informational pieces that these people would be interested in following. You could mention only about the industry and not portray your brand as that would make you look like trying to force your opinion.


Using Digital PR to increase your brand awareness is not an alien concept as most new and old businesses resort to the same. Following the above tips does the needful and projects your brand image on to a total level altogether. Though it takes some time for all such strategies to bear fruit however, once you have got a hang of it the benefits are manifold.

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