High Page Rank helps a lot in getting more business because of good impression – Lets learn the 5 Tricks to increase Google Page Rank for your blog

To survive among the clutters, having a good page ranking for your blog is as important as maintaining and writing contents for the blog. If you have a well written informative blog yet fail to attract that reader base to your web page, then it is dismal. In order to gain high page rankings for your blog it is highly essential to make use of SEO-friendly techniques that can help the blog to be in the top listings in Google.

5 Tricks to Increase Google Page Rank for Your Blog
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The most important way to increase the Google page rank can be by creating back links to your blog. They are also known as inbound links which will help to maintain the regular reader base.

Following are few tricks which will help to maintain the page rank of your blog in Google:

1 . Submitting to either paid or free directories will help to push your blog to one level further. There are certain high PR sites which can push PRs to their listed sites. It is beneficial to get a website that has high page rankings and less links.

2 . Articles once written can be submitted to article depositories in order to improve the PR exposure. Good article directories have high page rankings and therefore the advantage is to grab one-way links back to your page. If you have a well written article, then other users can use them with your signature at the bottom. This will help you to gain credibility. It will also work as a free advertisement of your write-ups.

3 . Link exchange is the best way to grab page ranking from Google. Google penalizes sites that link to other websites which doesn’t relate to the required topic at all. It is better to avoid such mistakes and spamming. Additionally it is also required to avoid large numbers of outbound links on your website.

4 . The content of the website or blog can determine the potential and credibility of your web page. An article that gives useful information about latest topics and portrays ideas of DIY, tips, tricks and useful how-to-do workshops are always in demand. People in the internet are in search of different how-tos; therefore you can give a good base to all of the, thereby increasing your page ranking.

5 . Reviewing on certain products, a website, a travel destination or even a movie can be done in the website, but keeping the authenticity in mind. Always make sure to write accurate reviews and focus on what you want the readers to know.

6 . joining an affiliate program over the internet can also help in this matter. But it is always required to join hands with reputed and genuine programs.

7 . You can even spend some money to ask other websites to help you link your page. Although there are websites in the internet who do the work for free or in exchange of their links, you can still go on for spending few moolah if at all the former methods don’t work.

The above are seven mantras of gaining high Google page rank to your blog or website. You can try them all for a better blogging experience.

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