Best Idea of expressing thoughts is Blogging. Get the Best Free Blogging App For Mac 

Blogging is a more interactive way to put across your thoughts in the world of internet. People get to know about your thoughts and get benefited from any tips or suggestions you put in your words through your blog. For a blogging experience Windows provide a user friendly medium. Same is the case for Mac OS which also provides a powerful, interactive and a visually worthwhile interface for blogging for free.

Below is a list of free blogging apps which Mac users can use for an interactive blogging experience :

RapidWeaver :

RapidWeaver provides the users to make use of their own unique ways of blogging. A blogger can stick to what he/she wants to do in this app. There are unlimited choices for editing and modelling the blog page through this app.

Blog.Mac :

Personal blogging is made simple through the use of this app, known as Blog.Mac. The template editor for this app is free of charge. However, the users might have to pay for the rest of the services.

Tumblr Dashboard Widget :

It is a compact and lightweight dashboard application for Mac users. The app is in a communion with Tumblr which is yet again an ultra-minimalist invention by the makers. It is a very small app that has limited widget space; small enough to just type a message in the comment box.

Best Free Blogging App for Mac
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iWeb plus MobileMe :

This application comes with almost every Mac device nowadays. A web page editor is presented in the form of iWeb through this app. Though this app has a controlled set up, there are certain charges after installation.

Mac Journal :

This app is a perfect place for both traditional implementation of writing and providing the conflux of unique colors and themes to the dashboard. This journal is something that is not available for regular bloggers and need to be bought separately for a long term use by professionals. It has a strong delivering power and is one of the best mediums to put across thoughts in the form of interpretable interface.

Thingamablog :

Thingamablog is a standalone blogging platform which is cross-platform and hence can be used on different platforms. It can be developed on one platform and used on another, owing to its cross-platform feature. It doesn’t come with any third party and therefore works all by its own. The app can be set up, managed and edited all in itself. You can maintain multiple blogs, publish your blogs remotely through email, manage thousands of entries together, update the content of the blog, write entries offline via dialup users, create layouts with the help of customizable templates and make posts from the feeds which you like. This is quite a user friendly platform.

Ecto :

Ecto also helps the Mac users to get a unique blogging experience through its wide range of weblog systems. WordPress, Drupal, TypePad, MovableType, Blojsom, SquareSPace, Blogger etc. are all its systems.

With the help of different blogging apps available for Mac systems, you can use them to generate blogs with the unique themes, background, interface and colors for a richer presentation.

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