Facebook is the best option for expanding business and being the winner in  the race. Learn here the Facebook monetization strategies.

Facebook is the leading social media hype machine that is brimming with millions of active users. For ecommerce businesses looking forward to expand their network online, Facebook is the perfect platform. This $10 billion worth platform can be utilized for simple to complex monetization by the ecommerce businesses. However, the ecommerce player should have an expert SMO team to strategize the monetization of their Facebook page.

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Facebook Monetization Made Simple

There are more than a handful of strategies available for Facebook monetization. Each strategy is effective in its own way and the results are purely based on the efforts made to make them a hit among the users. Facebook monetization strategies are primarily divided into three variants and they are advertisement revenue, games and other. There are also various other strategies available other than the above mentioned ones.

Here, we list down some functional Facebook monetization strategies that will work for almost all types of online businesses:

  • Ad revenue – Ad revenue is always on top when it comes to Facebook monetization. This is more of straightforward revenue generated via Facebook advertisements published in your webpage. Ad revenue in Facebook monetization gives consistent growth along with added online visibility to the companies making use of this strategy.
  • Games partnership – Partnering famous or top-listed games on Facebook is another excellent monetization strategy in this giant social media platform. Partner with games like Farmville, Zynga etc. and share their sales as well as the profit these game developers earn.
  • Give-a-gift – This is another functional monetization strategy on Facebook where it appears right next to the birthday, wedding or other notifications that leads to sharing wishes and felicitations. An ecommerce business provider can make use of this give-a-gift feature to popularize their products and enjoy more revenue generation via Facebook.
  • Offers and Virtual Currency – Offers when they are reflected or marketed via Facebook picks-up faster than any other marketing. Always add more priority and importance to offers via Facebook. Make sure the offer is rewarding only then it helps in customer retention. When a company analyses the revenue they generate via Facebook offers, then it will realize the amount spent over freebies is much lesser compared to the profit earned.

Virtual currency is also a famous offer monetization strategy in Facebook where the users earn reward points that can be redeemed over any service.

  • Trial pay – This is a tempting Facebook monetization method that attracts more target audience to try the product of the advertiser. Be it a free sample of a cosmetic product, a service or an apparel promotion, when given a free trial followed by paid second trial, the online sales will shoot up instantly. This strategy works well in case of games and other applications on Facebook.

During Facebook monetization, it is ideal for an ecommerce company to narrow down their short-term benefits and then execute the strategy online. Always seek the help of professional internet marketing experts of social media strategists to make sure your Facebook monetization is travelling in the right direction.

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