Along with having fun, commenting and posting on Facebook can also be used to earn money. Learn how to make money with Facebook pages.

Most of you reading this must know by now that Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Many of the online stores rely on the Facebook to enhance their sales. As an individual, you can also make use of this tool in an effective manner and earn some quick bucks. Read on to know some of the proven methods using which you can go from rags to riches in no time!

 Creating Fanpage:

Browse and Google will help you in creating the fanpage. Make sure that the fanpage you intend to create will bring you enough fans which ultimately will help you in bringing money for you. Find fans that are responsive and are capable of spending time with you on the Facebook. In short, find an idea that would interest them and create posts that would engage your fans. Pages of celebs, popular clothing brands, and models are some of the hot picks to bring in fans.


 Make Money With Facebook Pages
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  • Buy ads:

Log on to your Facebook account and go to the home page. On the right hand side of the home page you find many ads with a link ‘create ad’. Go to this link and follow the instructions and create a free ‘ad’. Remember, these are the ads for marketing products on the Facebook. Once you create the ad, it gets displayed on the homepages of your Facebook fans. If any of your fans buys the product, it will be linked to your website and you will make money. In order to enhance the prospects of your business, just post links to your website. You can do this through your ‘status updates’.

  • Effective Advertising:

You must use some of the tested advertising techniques. You agree that just putting the product on the website will do little help. Therefore, speak about the product you are marketing through your website. After all, it is the rudimentary principles of advertising. Now, post this ad to your Facebook fans. That would certainly have tremendous effect in boosting the sale of the product.

  • Create your own page:

To be more effective, why don’t you create a website dedicated to your business? That certainly enhances your success in the business. There are various utilities dedicated for this. You find them at the bottom of the home screen on the left hand side.

  • Click per action:

This is abbreviated as CPA. There are several online stores which offer attractive returns based on CPA. Get into any of such stores and find out the offers for promotional tools. If the offers are reasonably attractive, then choose that store and put this link before your fan page. If any of your fans click on the stores, then depending on the clicks by your fans, you would get rewarded.

  • Enhance your fanpage:

As you know, there are several ways by which you can enhance your contacts using social media. You can use the Facebook or twitter or such other modes and talk about the product you are trying to promote. You must talk about the product in such a way it leaves a lasting impression on your fans. In short, you must talk in a manner which attracts the fans toward the products you are promoting.

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