What if Google has denied to your AdSense request. Check out the way to  Monetize Your Blog without AdSense.

When you are on the verge of starting your own blog and monetize it, the first and foremost thing you would possibly do is sign up for an AdSense program with Google. After you have finished writing you would want the whole world to know about it. But sometimes it so happens that Google doesn’t accept the AdSense request, whatever may be the reason. In such scenarios, monetizing blogs become a daunting task.

Monetize Your Blog without AdSense
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Undoubtedly Google is the father of all services, but now there are several other programs and features which will help monetize your blog as much as Google would do. You do not have to break your bank in order to let your blog noticed by the readers.

Here are few alternatives to AdSense which will help to maximize the benefits monetarily in the same manner Google would do:


When it comes to revenue sharing, Infolinks is one of the best platforms. There is the scope of earning more than 50% of the revenue share from the ads. Also you do not have to maintain a weekly or monthly page view number for the minimum payout. When you use Info links, a larger version of the text is converted to hypertext over which if you hover the mouse, the ad is displayed and you can earn with each click on it.


This is a good alternative to AdSense which only displays relevant ads. Ads are only displayed if they are accesses through search engines. Even there is a sign up bonus of $5 for each user which is displayed right after you create the account. Further the payout threshold is $10 through Paypal.


There is a minimum traffic requirement of 50,000 page views per month. Buysellads is more like an advertisement network where bloggers get space to sell ads.

Text Link Ads Network:

Text Link Ads Network gives you complete control to select which ads are being displayed on your blog. Payment is made on time but the only disadvantage here is the 50% cancellation of the ad revenue generated.

Above are few of the alternatives to Google AdSense to make money online or monetize your blog. Following are few tips and tricks to monetize the blog:-

 Sell eBooks:

If you are versant with something and know how to create a guide then eBook will be the best option for you to come across with a platform that can make your services more popular and also let you make some money out of it.

 Start affiliate marketing:

Few affiliate programs have everything you would require to promote their products. All you need is to make a tie-up with them so that your blog is profited.

Ask for Donation:

You may ask your readers for putting in some donations which will help you to maintain your blog. Paypal allows the bloggers to keep a donation button at the top of the blog page.

All such ways are definitely good alternatives to try. When you are really tired of trying hard to make money through AdSense, try few of these. They are simple and highly beneficial.

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