Promotion of Your blog is a requirement for being the winner of the race. Lets have a look upon how to Promote Your Blog in Tumblr.

Blog posts can be of varying length, depending on the necessity and your audience. If you are beginning to write as a regular blogger, then the norm for writing a general blog should be between 800-1000 words. The blog should cover all the necessary details about the type of service you are writing. Writing a high quality blog is more essential rather than just writing for the intention to fill up the space.

How to Promote Your Blog in Tumblr?
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After writing the right blog with the desired length, the next step is to popularize it with the help of media sites. Tumblr can be a great platform which can be used for the promotion of blogs. It is a microblogging platform with the fusion of social networking where you can connect with people and share your ideas through blogs and various contents. There is the dashboard facility which also helps the blogger to share the ideas in a more public manner so that whoever is following the blogger will get to know about the newly written blog.

If you are writing blogs or you have your own self-hosted blog somewhere in the internet, then also you need to promote it through Tumbly. In fact professionals are now counting on for the options to promote blogs through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr in order to gain more traffic to their website.

Tumblr is also one of the effective platforms where you can make your blog more interactive and lively with the help of images and short videos.

How to promote blog through Tumblr

  1. 1.     Blog promotion can be done by clicking on either with text or photo option. As you have written the blog, you can grab the HTML code of the blog just written and pop it over to Tumblr.

2.     The blog’s title should be catchy so that it attracts more readers. The title can be kept same as that of the original blog.

3.     The link from Tumblr can be brought back to your own blog post. The more is the number of inbound links, the more is the popularity of your blog.

4.     While writing the blog from a different platform, Tumblr might lose the indentation and paragraphing. Here you can break the lines into paragraphs.

5.     After breaking the entire blog post into different short paragraphs, you can post it in Tumblr.

The articles posted in Tumblr appear as a microblogging website. When readers go through the headline of your blog and become interested to read the full version of it in the subsequent phase, the images that have been reduced to the gravy box opens up after which the full blog can be read.

Benefits of using Tumblr for Blog Promotion:

The major benefit of using Tumblr for the promotion of your website is getting links back to your site with the help of your well written blogs. In content marketing, back links have a big importance. Additionally, inbound links also help in the search engine optimization of your website. Tumblr is quick and quite effective and can be used by a beginner as well.

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