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Nobody creates a website just for themselves. It is like owning a shop; you have a shop then you want shoppers. Similarly you have a website then you want traffic to the site. How do you increase traffic to your site? One of the best ways is SEO or search engine optimization. The easiest way to explain SEO is that if you want to attract more traffic then you have to be on the first page of the search results. If you have a budget that can afford to hire professionals to do it for you then good for you, go for it. But, there are thousands of people who want to do it but cannot afford to hire professional or simply want to do it themselves. For those people this article will tell you how you can do it for free.

How to SEO your website for free
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If you want to be on top then you have to first and foremost best in the business. If your site does not have anything that will help it in being more popular than the others then it won’t be. Thankfully for you the internet has number of free tools that can help you.

Keyword research :

It is the most important area that you should concentrate on. It was and always will be how people search for things on the net. One tool that can help you is ‘Wordstream’ . The Wordstream Free Keyword tool provides you with many thousands of ideas for keywords. It has a huge database of unique searches and can outperform similar paid tools. Another popular tool is the ‘Keyword Eye Basic’. As its name suggests it is a visual tool. It can be really helpful in brainstorming sessions. YouTube is popular for its video content, but did you know it is also a great tool for keyword researches? The YouTube Keyword Tool allows you to do just that. Another popular tool for Keyword researches is the Ubersuggest. This tool is really useful for development of long tail phrases.

Keyword research can only increase the flow of traffic to your website for initial visitors but if you want them to visit your site again then content has to be the king. Again there are many tools that will help you in making your content satisfactory for your visitors.

The Anchor Text Over Optimization:

This tool helps you in diversifying your text. For example it will highlight words and texts that are over optimized. A tool that helps in converting document files to HTML is really useful and Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML is one such tool. Plagiarism is rampant on the net and Copyscape is a tool that helps you in checking that.

There are also technical tools that help you in making your site attractive to site engines. Xenu’s link sleuth is a tool that checks your website for broken links. It also validates texts links, frames, maps and backgrounds. There are tools to generate robot.txt files as well as to check them and are appropriately named Robot.txt Generator and Robot.txt Checker respectively.

This is not all. There are tools for title and description, Images, Google snippets, structured data testing, XML sitemaps, speed test and so on. There is also a Microsoft SEO Toolkit that will perform SEO audit for you to see how your changes are working.

Before you start doing this however remember that it takes time and research for a website to achieve top rankings. It will not happen overnight. Study your competition to see what they are doing better than you. It can take weeks to get result but hard work, perseverance and patience will ultimately produce results.

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