Have a good quality blog but still followers are not increasing. Here are some tips and Tricks to Increase your Blog Followers.

Blogs are the best and most interactive ways to share ideas and opinions by way of social networking. It is meant for the people who are creative and would like to keep their thoughts open for discussion. While there are many people who write exceptionally well, there are very few that are able to get the right kind of attention. Here are the few tips that will get you started and help you garner eye balls.

Be Original

The most important thing that clicks with the readers is the idiosyncrasy of the writer. Everybody who actively follows a blog is for the content as much as it is for the writer. Let your personality reflect through these blogs so that the people can connect with the person behind the scenes at an emotional level. Write from your heart and let your thoughts flow in a natural stream.

Learn about your audience

Write for the people you are aiming at and keep them in your mind, always. Try and use the informal tone and slight humour so that the readers can feel as though you are talking to them. Make them not just your followers but also your friends.

Tips and Tricks to Increase your Blog Followers
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Let the Content be more appealing

This is what makes or breaks a blog. If your content is stale and does not appeal to the mass audience then it is an exercise in futile. The trick is to truly believe in the stuff you really like yourself so that your passion reflects in your writing. If your idea is to only grab attention, the readers will eventually see through it and you will lose your loyal readers.

Be more creative

Don’t just concentrate on the content alone, it is the presentation that sells. Let your readers be captivated by the whole piece. Don’t use flowery words and be overly rhetorical as it steals the true essence of the whole topic. It is better to be more to the point and extensive use of visuals along with interesting fonts so that the followers can see and read what you intend to portray.

Be more interactive

Don’t just share one sided thought, be more open to questions. Allow your readers to pose questions on your blogs and you should be active enough to respond to these questions immediately and with legitimate answers. Sometimes, opinions are open to a lot of backlash, in such a scenario it is always better to have an open mind and allow the readers to speak their minds on your forum. Intolerance can come as off putting for some people.

Be more social

For the blog to get its needed fuel, it is important for it to be well advertised. Share your blog with friends and tell them to spread the word so that you can get more readers through word of mouth.

Be more active on other blogs

This is also a very good way to attract readership to your own blog by being active on someone else’s blog. Share your ideas, leave comments and also guest write elsewhere so that you can trail some readers to your own page.

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