Check Server Status

Server Status

If you want to check the issues that your website is likely to face, you can use server status tool to identify these potential errors and fix them before they can affect the smooth functioning of your webpage. You can check the status of up to 100 websites to be filled one URL per line and then click the button to check the corresponding HTTP code that reflects the status of each website.

  1. When the status code next to a URL is 200, it means that it is OK and functioning in good condition. In technical terms, the server was able to reciprocate with your website and able to return the content as you requested.
  2. Status 301 means that the URL that you are requesting has been Moved Permanently. In this case, any new inquiry that you have about the current URL must be redirected to the new location.
  3. Status code 302 Found means that the server has found brief redirection for the URL that you are requesting. You can use this URL again next time since it is only a temporary redirection.
  4. The status code 307 is also a Temporary redirect and is quite similar to 302. In this case also the redirection is only momentary and that the same URL will be used again later.
  5. Code 400 means a Bad Request. This error code pops up when the server is unable to comprehend what you are looking for.
  6. 401 code means Unauthorized that is, the server will not provide you access to the content that you are looking for, unless you are authorised to access it.
  7. 403 Forbidden means that the content will not be displayed by the server even if you have the requisite authorisation.
  8. Code 404 Not Found is one of the most common error codes that the file that is being searches is not available on the server. 404 are required by the search engines to validate the URLs that are available on the internet.
  9. 410 is same as 404, however, it will let you know that the URL you are looking for existed at some point but is not available anymore.
  10. 500 Internal Server Error is also a common error code that needs to be reported your web hosting service or system administrator. This code means that the server is not functioning properly.