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The most important goal of any Search Engine Optimization activity is to be visible in the first three results on any search engine. It may be a time taking process but as you progress you will see why everyone wants to be in the first three positions. If you want to know where you stand as of now, you can use this tool to check your position in the most popular search engines. You can check this for specific keywords so that you know what is working for you and what needs to reworked. You can enter one keyword per line in the box provided and the domain name/website address in the other. The next step is to select the search engines from the boxes where you want to check the ranking and also mention the range of the page where you want to check the ranking of your page. Then click the “check position” button for the tool to spew the results for you.

The Way Key Position Tool Works is:

As you put in the information requested in the fields, the tool will start to scan through all the relevant search engines with respect to your keyword or phrase that you entered. The results will determine on which page is your website or the link that you provided is located. As the tool runs, it is a good sign to see green results instantly. The green colour means that your website is listed in the first page of the search engines with respect to that particular keyword. Even though your page may not be in the first three positions, if it is on the first page, it is still great news. However, if your website is not to be seen anywhere in the first ten pages then it does not mean well for your website. This could mean that your keyword is not optimized or you have not followed the strict guidelines and that your website has lost its position due to being penalized.

Tips to get Effective Keywords for your Website Content:

Always put some thought into your key words. It is advisable to be as specific as possible, especially in case of long tail keywords. You should put more focus on keywords that have lower competition but are still unique and original.

When you are planning to add more keywords in your content, look for handful of options that have the ability to provide great results as that will propel the position of your website on search engine rankings. Do not focus on too many keywords that are of mediocre quality.

The best way to get good results in search engines is to maintain the quality of your website. The idea is to appeal to the visitors that visit your website and keep them engaged with genuine and original keywords.

Backlinks are extremely valuable in building the quality of your keywords and rankings. You can use the backlink checker tool to determine the actual ranking of the websites that provide a link to yours. It is better to use genuine backlinks than buying tons of low quality ones in a bulk that do more damage than good to the rankings of your page. This can adversely lower the positing of your keyword and can even get you blacklisted by search engines.