Link Analyzer Tool

Link Analyzer Tool

Free Bulk SEO Tools provide the ease of analyzing your links as effortlessly as possible. You can easily perform your routine link audits or check the performance of the latest updates with the help of Link Analyzer tool.

All you need to do is enter the URL of the webpage that you need to analyze and mention what section of it you would like to review like the external links, internal links or both. You also have the option of checking the box provided so that it can reveal the no follow links.

After you run the analyzer, it will display the results in a table which will display the list of inbound or outbound links along with the associated anchor text. If that page has any hyperlinked image, the alt attribute will be displayed as the anchor text corresponding to that image.

The tool is best used when you want to analyze the links in one-page-at-a-time process. When you perform an in-depth link audit, it would be able to analyze the requested web pages separately and not just the home page of that particular website.