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This tool is used when you need to hash a string into a message digested MD5 hash. This is one of the most efficient ways to check if the hash that you created is correct or not. Be sure to add salt if you are using it to include in that string.

What does MD5 hash mean?

MD5 can be defined as a 128 bit algorithm known as “message-digest” that was released in the year 1991. It is used to create a value of 16 byte hash as an input for the algorithm. MD5 is a one way process which means that it would not be possible to determine the original input by just knowing the hash value. This aspect was also designed in such a way that it is resistant to collision, meaning that two inputs will never have the same hash value. However, in 2004 it was determined that MD5 is not resistant as it has been said to be.

Why and when is MD5 Hash used?

MD5 is used as a checksum algorithm. When the texts or files are inserted into the MD5 algorithm, the resulting hash will automatically change if the file has undergone modification. This tool is especially helpful while detecting ant tampering or malicious file corruption.

MD5 has also been used for many years as a password hashing algorithm. With the help of password hashing algorithms, a password will be allowed to be stored into the database of the website without the need to store the actual password. With the help of this feature, the passwords become difficult to hack and if the hash is taken, it does not mean that password of the user will be compromised for sure. However, it has been advised to use “salt” when the password hashing algorithm is used. Salt string is added in MD5 by concatenating a string which is not related to the password of the password supplied by the user. MD5 has been considered an ineffectual tool for this which was later succeeded by SHA-1 and then by SHA-2.


A plain MD5 hash will provide a hash of acf014f1bc68c2af42e1e349221e403b. An MD5 Hash used along with salt to a user supplied password of ‘supersecret’ would be salted so the input for the MD5 is saltstringsupersecret. This would display the result in a hash of75f94b73c4b8564b6e07369b031764b6.