Reverse IP Domain Check

Reverse IP Domain Check

Not many website owners know this fact but when they are using shared hosting services then it can impact your web page ranking. You can use the Reverse IP Domain Check tool for this purpose by entering the website URL and then clicking the check button.

How Does this Tool Work?

This tool will run a comprehensive check on your IP address corresponding to the URL and also will check if you are using shared hosting service. After the check is complete, it will display the links as well as the domains of the other websites that are currently sharing your IP address. If the websites that are associated with your hosting service provider of poor quality then an icon will be displayed which will reveal the type of risk.

What does it mean if you see the icon?

The icon next to the website address would mean that it is a suspicious website and has been reported for using poor quality or malicious content. When you share the IP address of a website that has been reported for poor content or malicious activity, it will automatically also impact your own website too. This icon also means that the doubtful website has been notified for carrying a malicious virus. Your website may not contain a virus but to share the IP address with the one that does will impact the rankings of your page on search engines. This icon can mean bad news and something that should not correspond to your IP address. It may also mean that your IP address is being shared with a website that contains pornography. When the search engines reflect the results with regards to your keywords, it would filter out the adult pages and this will affect your page visibility. Also to share an IP address with a website that has been reported as spam will have the same kind of negative impact on your own page’s rankings.

Shared vs. Dedicated Hosting & SEO

There are some website that have been blocked by the search engines intentionally and this can also cause accidental jamming of other websites which are present on the same server or have a common IP address. If it is important for your website to have high page ranking and optimized search engine techniques then it is better to use a dedicated web hosting server. This tool is very handy in identifying the websites that share the same IP address with your domain and will help you apprise of potential risks that can impact the rankings of your own page.